Ashland, Oregon

Year Completed: 2016

Area: 8,880 sq. ft.

This newly built single family house, called the Shining Hand Ranch is set in Ashland, a naturally stunning little town in Oregon. It’s located at the foothills of mountain ranges, has rivers surrounding it and has great weather all year round.

It’s the perfect home for anyone who would like to live in this paradise!

Shining Hand Ranch Ashland Oregon

Designed to pay respect to its beautiful surroundings, this home was built in great detail that reflects the organic flow of nature. Hand-carved Brazilian mahogany front doors, tree trunk supports and various floorings that imitate natural surfaces are just some of the features that merit its spot in the beautiful land.

It is also designed to function in harmony with nature as the floors are heated or cooled geothermally!

The Shining Hand Ranch includes 2 bedrooms, 3 full baths and 2 partial baths. It is also equipped with a home office, fireplaces, saunas, spa/hot tub, an outdoor pool and solar-heated indoor pool. Of course it also offers spectacular views from every window!

You can spend some time and appreciate the vast natural environment riding your horse or by taking the biking/hiking trails.

So how much does this amazing home cost? A massive US$ 8,235,000 – overwhelming but though unsurprising!

What’s not to love about this home in paradise?


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