Pallet Houses

And the fourth little piggy built his home from pallets!

It’s almost impossible not to come across one pallet idea on the web every day! Sofas, beds, chicken coops, fences, feature walls… we thought we’d seen them all but how about houses made from pallets?

With so many families facing a housing affordability crisis, we can see this idea really catching on.

Pallets come in different grades. Some are essentially good for one-time use only. Whitegoods and furniture are typically shipped on these single use pallets. Tens of thousands end up in landfill every day. (Reusable pallets are usually made from hardwood and are designed and built to last through many uses. These pallets remain the property of the original supplier and will always be branded.) Single use pallets are a free resource but always ask before taking one.

Pallet houses may not be as strong or as permanent as conventional homes but they can certainly serve as temporary accommodation and with a little care, even long term accommodation. Of course, aside from choosing the best quality pallet wood, knowing if they are safe to use or toxic is always important.

Give the choice between seeing these single use pallets going to landfill or going to housing, I know where my vote goes. What do you think?

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