Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan  –  Shigeru Ban Architects

Built area:     453 m2  (4,900 sf)
Site area:     1,770 m2  (19,100 sf)
Year built:     2013

Built on a easement/battleaxe block, this home focuses on the central, teardrop shaped courtyard. The home uses feature timber beams throughout and has ceiling heights ranging from 2.4 metres to a lofty 7.5 metres.

The radial roof slopes to the courtyard – Shigeru Ban Architects

The building is 30 metres square with a 15 metres courtyard, onto which, all rooms face.

From the architect:

“With the main living room centred on the interior courtyard, all spaces are arranged in a radial manner from the entrance.

The eight sliding doors separating the main living room and interior courtyard can be opened at any time so that the space can be used as one.

The structure is made up of wooden columns and beams, which are 75mm x 350mm L‐shaped pieces, also arranged in a radial manner, creating a large one way sloped roof.”

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