Beijing China  –  Dai Haifei

As we’ve said before, it’s always interesting to see the homes that architects build for themselves. In this instance, it was an architecture student who faced a common problem with a unique solution…

World's Smallest Mobile Home
An eggelant solution to a common problem in Beijing ?

An egg-shaped home on wheels – elegant, simple, and most certainly green! This egg-shaped home on wheels was built by 24-year old architecture graduate, Dai Haifei.

Rents in China’s capital are very high. Living in a conventional home meant Dai had to spend most of his income on rent. For this resourceful designer that was not an option.

It took two months and approximately $900 to build (and grow) his very own mobile home. For two months he lived on the street next to his workplace in his solar-powered “egg home.” It has a bed, a nightstand, a small sink, and an electric blanket to keep warm.

Unfortunately, authorities didn’t share Dai’s spirit of adventure. He was ‘evicted’ from his home after a couple of months. With the number of homeless people growing daily in so many cities around the world, we’d like to know your thoughts! For our money, it’s a far more humane solution than a doorstep or cardboard box.  Perhaps instead of trailer parks, we can have ‘egg’ parks!


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