Small Home in Horinouchi

Small Home in Horinouchi

‘House in Horinouchi’  –  Suginami, Tokyo   MIZUISHI Architect Atelier

site area: 52.14 m2
building area: 29.07 m2
total floor area: 55.24 m2

Most of us would have difficulty visualizing what a 52m2 (570sq ft) building lot looks like.  Think 7 metres x 7 metres (22′ x 22′).  Now turn it into a triangle, add some building code challenges and then put a home for three on it!  It certainly challenges Western thinking, doesn’t it?

Small Home in Horinouchi
A lot smaller than two backyard swimming pools!

By avoiding the use of internal walls and also adding vertical interest, this home achieves a sense of space much greater than its physical attributes.

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