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Stockholm, Sweden – Scandinavian design

Minimalism, simplicity, and functionality best represent the Scandinavian design concept. Despite the clean lines and minimalist concept, the overall design evokes a fullness of life through the innovative use of space.

Scandinavian Loft With Two Terraces, Stockholm

This Scandinavian loft with two terraces would be a dream dwelling for anyone who loves his outdoor space as much as they love their interiors. Its lounge area is a generous allocation of space that leads to the kitchen. It has a master bedroom that allows access to the terraces, which means it can also be flooded by natural light during the day, and the sight of city lights at night.

The furniture are large, but not overcrowding. On the contrary, it creates a welcoming space for lounging in comfort. Ornamental home decors such as mirrors and drapes add character, colour, and an elegance that was once very popular many decades ago.

It’s stylish, chic, practical, and vivid with colour accents. It’s the perfect apartment for people who work according to the fast pulse of a city but want to go home to a relaxing environment right in the middle of a bustling city.

Wouldn’t you just want to live in an apartment like this?

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