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A playhouse is  a great place for kids to hang out when they’re playing outdoor. These hobbit playhouses from Wooden Wonders will make you wish you were a child again!


These unique looking playhouses are inspired by the famous hobbit holes from the ‘Lord of The Rings’ movie. Apparently the dwellings of hobbits make great playhouse for children too :D

What’s really great about these is that you don’t really need a child in the home to justify having one since they are such an interesting garden feature. And anyway. when the kids have outgrown them as playhouses, you can turn yours into a storage shed for garden tools, or a coop for raising chickens, or just a special place for yourself!

Don’t want to have to stoop? Well, the good news is that they also make adult size hobbit holes that can be used as a shed, backyard retreat, or even as a home office.

Would you like your own hobbit hole?

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Thanks to  Wooden Wonders for these wonderful hobbit hole playhouses.

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