Brisbane Australia  –  Owen and Stokes and Peters

By world standards, Brisbane is a modern city not yet 200 years old.  White settlers came here to harvest the abundant, high quality timber growing in the Brisbane River Valley.  It’s not surprising therefore, that almost every home built in the first 150 years after settlement was of timber construction.  They were typically single skin and built high to allow both ventilation and resilience to the frequent flooding.  It’s a style that became known as ‘Queenslander’.

Black and White in Brisbane
Black and White in Brisbane

While many of the older homes are long gone, there is a reluctance and often, legal constraints  to demolishing those that remain.  The houses are usually small by today’s standards and are often in need of serious refurbishment.

Black and White in Brisbane

This home attempts to retain the character of the old while providing a bridge to 21st century comfort.  Have the owners and architects done it well?

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