Chatworth Street Prahan East – Architect/Designer Unknown

We’re going to be controversial here…

Based on the affordability index, Australian residential property ranks amongst the most expensive globally. The home shown here is located about 6 klms (4 miles) from the centre of Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city.  It sold earlier this year at auction for somewhere around $1.4 million (approx $USD 1.44M).  Land size is 332m2.

A Victorian Cottage Gets a New Body
A Victorian Cottage Gets a New Body

We really like the way the home has been renovated.  It has a lovely feel and appears very liveable.  On the downside, in a country where there are three + vehicles per family, this home has open off-street parking for just one car.  The home is also semi-detached meaning that it shares a common wall with it’s neighbour leading to natural lighting and possible noise issues. And at the end of the day, the original section of the home is well over a century old.

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