A Vancouver Coachhouse

Vancouver Canada  –  Birmingham and Wood

Built area:    1,000 sq. ft.  (92.6 m2)
Photography:  John Smith

The drive for urban infill continues in Vancouver as it does in most cities around the globe.  Infill lots are typically small and usually have limitations as to the size of the home that can be built on them. Sometimes the limit is based on site coverage – the proportion of built to open area, while other juristrictions will put an arbitrary limit of say, 1,000 sq. ft on the built area. This is to prevent a ‘monster’ popping up beside established homes, over-shadowing or over-looking them.

Comfort is more about design than size…
Comfort is more about design than size…

The home shown here is a nice example of a ‘small’ home not feeling small.  Large, well placed windows and doors provide ample light while ensuring privacy when needed. High lofted ceilings add to the feeling of ‘volume’ and allow for a lovely loft area as the main bedroom.

The U-shaped kitchen is a very efficient work area when space is constrained, allowing for good triangulation of sink, cook-top and refrigerator. The design is enhanced by the provision of good storage both in the kitchen and throughout the home. The combined living/dining area appears larger than it is due to the window and door placement and the use of the fire place as the focal point.

The home, built by Vancouver based firm, Smallworks is the first infill house in North Vancouver. Expect to see a lot more.

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