A 1743 Farmhouse Repurposed

Basel Switzerland  –  Huesler Architekten and Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Built Area:
Office space:     275m2 (3,000 sq.ft.)
Residence:        275m2 (3,000 sq.ft)

As cities continue to encroach on farmland, we often lose a lot more than the farming production.  Because early settlers radiated from the towns and cities, it is usually the oldest farms that get swallowed by suburbia.

Kirchplatz Office + Residence
Kirchplatz – home, office AND public space without cost to taxpayers

The farmhouse featured here dates back to 1743.  And while it’s all well and good to insist these old buildings be preserved, there is usually a significant cost that needs to be borne – often by the taxpayer.

This clever solution has retained all the charm and history of the original building, yet adds a modern residence and a commercial payback in the form of office space.  To cap it off, the building also incorporates a public meeting space available to all and any local group.  We think it’s a job well done.

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