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Bavaria  Germany  –  Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects

Built area:      395 m2  (4,266 sq. ft.)
Lot size:     1,200m2  (12,960 sq. ft.)
Year built:     2010

This massive home is built almost entirely of a single material – inside and out, from terraces to countertops and basins! The material, HI-MACS® is made from 75% natural minerals and pigments and 25% acrylates. It is claimed to be extremely strong and durable with a very low maintenance requirement.  The dining table in the image below is evidence of the strength and rigidity of the product.

HI-MACS - wall to wall, floor to ceiling!
HI-MACS – wall to wall, floor to ceiling!


The supporting material for the home is timber, but not in the conventional sense.The frame is made from cross laminated timber. Using PEFC-certified wood it’s made by stacking and glueing pine boards across each other . In comparison to standard timber construction products, cross laminated timber offers extended options for load distribution. 

The finished result is a home that breathes yet offers excellent insulation qualities all year around.

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You can get more product information here – HI-MACS® Solid Surface

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