Summer House in Lithuania


BIRŠTONAS Lithuania – Architektu Biuras

Land Area:     1,001 m2   (10,811 sq. ft.) Built Area:      286 m2  (3,089 sq. ft.) Year Built:      2011

Summer House - Birštonas, Lithuania
Summer House in Lithuania
The description of ‘A Summer House’ conjures up images of relaxing times in comfy clothes but somehow we can’t see that here.  It strikes us as more a ‘suit and tie’ affair while reading the financial news.  Don’t get us wrong, the home is striking and the floor plan is very livable.  It’s just that we see this home in the middle of upmarket suburbia.  Here’s an extract from  the architect’s notes:

 “This is a 4 storey summer-house, 3 space garage plus storage and boiler-room, situated in the basement. Ground floor has a lobby, living-room, kitchen and sitting room. First-floor locates all the sleeping areas as for the second-floor one already steps into a terrace which overlooks the forest, river and a little chapel. The house is constructed to get all the advantages of the wonderful nature that Birstonas has to offer. Whilst being on the 2nd floor terrace, one gets a total privacy ( not to forget that the house has no fence ) and a full view of the city at the same time having the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the sough of the forest for the entire day. The facade of the house is covered with polished travertine panels. The details of Aluminum on the vitrines represent/expose different perspectives of each environment at the same time making the architectural structure interesting for the eye.”

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