Sharifi-ha House – The Rotating Home

Sharifi-ha House – Nextoffice

Location: Darrous, Tehran, Iran
Area:  1400 m2
Year Finished:  2013

Sharifi-ha House is designed by Tehran-based architectural studio Nextoffice. It features three motorized rooms that can pivot up to 90 degrees. This allows the residents to adapt to the weather as seasons change giving them a closed winter dwelling, or an open summer house whenever needed.

Sharifi-ha House by Nextoffice Architects - Tehran Iran
Sharifi-ha House by Nextoffice Architects – Tehran Iran

The pivoting rooms were inspired by Persian mansions that were traditionally built with both summer and winter living rooms. This concept gives each room a lot of possibilities in terms of the use of each space.

From the Architect:
“Uncertainty and flexibility lie at the heart of this project’s design concept. The sensational, spatial qualities of the interiors, as well as the formal configuration of its exterior, directly respond to the displacement of turning boxes that lead the building’s volume to become open or closed, introverted or extroverted. These changes may occur according to changing seasons or functional scenarios.

In summertime, Sharifi-ha House offers an open /transparent /perforated volume with wide, large terraces. In contrast, during Tehran’s cold, snowy winters the volume closes down, offering minimal openings and a total absence of those wide summer terraces. In this project, the challenges to the concepts of introverted/extroverted typology led to an exciting spatial transformation of an ever-changing residential building.

The House is distributed over seven floors: the two basement floors are allocated to family conviviality, fitness facilities, and wellness areas, while the ground floor hosts parking and housekeeping rooms. Public activities all happen on the first and second floors, and the family’s private life takes place on the third and fourth floors.”

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