Redfern Warehouse Conversion

Redfern warehouse conversion

Redfern  Australia  –  Baker Kavanagh Architects

Year built:     2010
Photography:     Brett Boardman

Redfern sits right on the edge of Sydney’s CBD. For most of the 20th century it was the place most Australians did not want to live. It had a fearsome reputation for drug and alcohol fuelled violence. As older houses degraded, they were often replaced with small factories, warehouses and some of the worst examples of high density public housing Australia has seen. But by the 1980’s, Redfern commenced gentrification until today, it is a highly sought after residential location. Walking proximity to the city obviously has its appeal!

Redfern Warehouse Conversion
Wells Street Redfern – a warehouse, three terraces and a house are reborn

A warehouse + four homes = seven large apartments!
Most of the homes and buildings in Redfern sit cheek to jowl or worse, share common walls. The challenge is twofold:  Getting good natural light and minimising sound transference. The project featured here is a total refurbishment of a mid-century warehouse, three heritage terraces and one of Redfern’s oldest remaining houses into a series of large, upmarket apartments!

The warehouse apartments spread over three levels and all have four bedrooms. They have a comfortable, semi-industrial feel with large areas of recycled timber including the floors which came from a bowling alley demolition. The heritage terraces and single level home offer all the conveniences of 21st century homes while retaining the ambiance of their historical past.

In total, there are seven homes in the refurbished project, all having private courtyards and basement parking.

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