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Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan  –  Robert Harvey Oshatz

Designed: 1995-96
Completed: 1998

We’ve featured five homes from this one architect – more than any other.  We’ve favoured him because of the way all of his homes delight the senses.  It’s almost as though a straight line offends him.  

Miyska Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz
Miyska Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz

His designs, including multi-residential, religious and commercial tend to be very organic.  He favours stone and timber over more conventional materials.  And while the homes are unquestionably expensive to build, they are full of inspiring ideas.  Here are his notes for this home:

“The Miyasaka Residence bridges the aesthetics of two disparate cultures, emblematic of neither, yet summoning echoes of both. Built to accommodate the busy lifestyle of the president of one of Obihiro’s major commercial building contractors, as well provide a place of repose for his parents, the house was conceived to appear as a radiant jewel in the midst of an urban garden oasis.”

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