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The Alice Millard House –  Pasadena California

Year built:     1923
Built area:    4,230 sq, ft.  (392 m2)
Land area:    One acre (4,000 m2)

Is there anyone in the western world, with even a remote interest in design, who hasn’t heard of Frank Lloyd Wright?  Over a career spanning some 60 years he earned a reputation as America’s most influential architect.  We’ve previously featured his best known residential work, ‘Fallingwater‘ but this time, we’re looking at one of his lesser known homes, the Alice Millard House – also known as La Miniatura.

Millard House
The grounds of La Miniatura form part of the original design and vision

It seems odd to categorise a home built in 1923 as ‘contemporary’ yet the design concepts are as current today as when he drew the first sketches for this home.  The design epitomises the things that he became renowned for – open plan living, flat roofs, building in to the environment and, perhaps most importantly, the integration of indoor and outdoor space.

This home is unusual among his works in that it appeals to a vertical scope whereas his other works were typically horizontal and while time has certainly moved on, there is much about the home that I find enormously appealing.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts by commenting.

La Miniatura has been completely restored in recent years and is currently for sale for around $4 million. The home and garden are listed on the American Register of Historic Places.

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