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The House of Slow Life – Kurume City Kyushu Japan  –  Architect Show Co, Ltd

Built:     2012
Site area:    519 m2 (5,600 sq. ft.)
Built area:   205 m2 (2,214 sq. ft.)
Materials:     Reinforced concrete and timber
Photography:  Toshihisa Ishii

We recently came across the work of Japanese architect, Masahiko Sato.  We found his designs both refreshing and inspiring and approached him to present his favourite works. The K5 Home is the first of five homes we’ll present over the next few weeks.

House of the Slow Life by Architect Show
House of the Slow Life by Architect Show

We hope you also like Masahiko’s innovative designs.  Here are his notes for this design (with mild edits):

“The House of “Slow Life” is located in the city of Kurume, a land rich in nature. The owner wanted to live healthily in touch with nature. These needs were the basis of the concept of this house as well as to create ties between the residents around the house to the people who live in the house.

I made a space rich in variations such as earthen floor space hidden from the outside and a little open space that leads to the living room through to the deck, by hollowing out in front of the Japanese-style room.  I planned a house that can live while feeling nature and the majestic feeling of openness that can not be experienced in a narrow urban feel.

This modern house is completely different from the surrounding buildings and landscape.  I hope it will become the epicenter of a new life style by the district. I want to give hope and dreams to the people living in the city center who want to build a house for living.”

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