GMG House by Pedro Gadanho

GMG House – Portugal

Torres Vedras, Portugal –  Pedro Gadanho

Built area:   400m2 (4,320 sq. ft.)
Built:   2012
Photography:    Fernando Guerra, FG+SG Architecture Photography

GMG House by Pedro GadanhoPedro Gadanho is an architect, educator, curator, writer and overall interesting person. Clearly, he is not afraid of colour or stepping outside conventional design parameters. You’ll find his full notes on this house at Shrapnel Contemporary.  The following excerpt may tempt you to click across:

“People passed the street where his house anonymously sat and remained unaware of the strange experiences conducted inside. He made large things that he installed in manically chosen spots according to his growing imaginary needs. He duplicated stairwells and created whole new floors. He excavated new underground rooms and created a thin, long swimming pool. He turned rooms into amphitheaters that would then be transformed in libraries. He converted empty elevator shafts into monstrous one-string guitars. He replicated spaces into ghostly, endless perspectives.”

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