Eco Balanced

Australia – Beaumont Concepts 

Living Area:      69.29m2
Deck:      23.76m2

Labelled as the Eco Balanced 1, this home has been awarded national recognition by both the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the National Association of Building Designers. The home is highly customisable, of a very high standard and brings with it the many benefits of modular construction including fixed costs, rapid build and minimal site disturbance all enhanced by an 8 star thermal rating!

Modular designs can lead to significant savings
Modular designs can lead to significant savings

Designed for either on-site or modular construction, the design maximises livability within a small footprint. Modular construction is ideal for more isolated locations where tradespeople are few and far between. Modular homes also often allow city owners to easily supervise the building of a vacation home or cabin since the construction is typically done in urban, rather than rural areas.

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Modular housing currently claims less than 3% of the Australian new home market, however, we expect them to gain an increasing share as acceptance rises and costs fall.

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