A simple two container home


Shipping containers can offer very affordable accommodation and are great for remote locations. Even though they are technically a box, they can be converted in an infinite number of ways.

The owner’s plan is to build a cabin or shelter made from shipping containers. One which they can use during the weekend, but that should be able to function adequately during an extended stay, such as during times of disaster. It should be self-sustaining and have all the comforts of a home.

DIY Shipping Container Home

To achieve this, the cabin is tapped into the grid, but also has off grid capabilities. Solar power is used to heat water but there is an electric backup. If both those sources fail, water can be heated using the wood stove.

DIY Shipping Container HomeWater for the home comes from an on-site well. It’s delivered to the home using an electric pump, however, should the power source fail, there is a fall-back hand pump. The cabin also has an underground pantry capable of storing a full year’s supply of food.

By everyday standards, this isn’t a pretty home. But it’s a home that meets the demands requested of it. It is secure, sustainable and was built to a tight budget. It’s a great example of meeting needs versus wants.

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